Morino Studio

Morino Studio’s core brand philosophy has  QUALITY and ELEGANCE as its pillars: a creative laboratory, born from Laura Morino’s EXPERIENCE in fashion and events, de-signing and creating the perfect EVENT and COMMUNICATION, both online and in-person, with freshness and originality. 

Through a network of relations and resource management, the boutique develops ideas in the FASHION, BUSINESS, DESIGN, LIFESTYLE and PRIVATE sectors, delivering the best solutions for EVENTS, PUBLIC RELATIONS, PRESS OFFICES& DIGITAL PR. 

Morino Studio has always worked side-by-side with its clients, with the aim of consolidating their marketplace brand  and creating, by way of stable brand awareness, new business opportunities, while enriching  relations with diverse entrepreneurial realities.

The event is a top tier communication vehicle for the brand and the product, it is the talk-ing point , a moment to remember, a milestone moment for   those who had the privilege to participate. The MORINO STUDIO events are dedicated to a specific target: MAILING LIST including “VIPs”, trend-setters and leading  talents from politics, finance, journalism, art, culture, fashion, sport and entertainment industries.

Morino Studio is the ideal partner for companies and private clients  looking for flexibility and the ability to understand and meet their needs with 360° campaigns. 

Quality and elegance are the pillars of

Morino Studio

Freshness and originality, competence and efficiency are among the characteris.